library - vienna



knowledge is a constant flow of changing fields of interests. knowledge interacts with social meeting places, in digital as well as in physical dimensions. meeting places are the attractors of public life. the continuos exchange of emotions and facts in our cultural environment might give us to some extent a human guideline in our perception of life. we constantly generate our future riverbed by redefining our present mind space.

flow as a topic can very much be understood through chaos theory. * theodor schwenk depicted the behaviors of flow in natural streams as cords with complicated, secondary movements: "but in reality they are not cords but whole surfaces, which weave in space."

in the library this understanding of the flow of knowledge is articulated in constantly changing sections as you walk along. on your way to the book your are searching, the constantly changing, woven, spatial connections offer new horizons to discover. as a visitor you can just be aware of them when you get what you want or you can be seduced into entering the new spaces, to enter another surprising perspective of live literary, mentally, digitally or physically. your journey to knowledge might start with a clear question and end with many answers, which might give you another impulse to flow towards new adventures of mind.


* chaos, order of the universe", by james gleick , 1987, ISBN 3-426 0407806, p. 283