damir masek_gus wuestemann



the combination of the perpendicular structure within and the outer, curved geometry of the the house provide the momentum of the urban villa. to each room applies the expression of a curved facade, offering a wide open view and relation to the city.

the living room is physically and metaphorically the sculptured space, connecting all levels of the house, the interactions of the owners and the appearance of the light at day- and nighttime. it offers open and varying ways of communication to the people in the house. as outer facades regulate the relations to urban contexts, these inner facades are multilayered filters and offers for interactions within the family or a group of people.

this way of living translates the fascination of nighttime urbanity with the changing light patterns of the city into the experience of a - in terms of light, communication, activity, etc. - variously expressed, inner richness of a family life. inner facades are the sum total of expressions of individual family members, forming an entity as a city does, and it wants to be experienced.