cross railway station - berlin



with increasing velocity the passing unit of space enlarges and amasses itself, while the subjective perception in comparison loses in relevance. one feels smaller and increasingly a part of the cosmos. space is bisected. values mutate. the universe swallows us ultimately at the speed of light.

the movements of the trains underground virtually shift the masses below the earth's surface. they generate a gap along the north-south direction of the station. this axis is the backbone of the passenger's dislocations.

the intersection of the traffic vectors below and above ground allow for the creation of new peripheral energies. these define the cross railway station berlin and regulate the obvious processes and organization. the traveler allows himself to be carried along the periphery - the intersection to the city - to the next entrance. if he remains in the middle, he submerges and surfaces as in a power vacuum. the fluctuation of centripetal and centrifugal forces controls the overpasses to the city of berlin, which, with its expansive empty fields, the "humboldthafen" as a connection to shipping traffic, the "tiergarten" and the projected train lines, is the local condition for the genesis of this project. it is open to the archaic contact with the phenomena of our time, in which trains circulate in minute to minute rhythm.