family loft



prepared to move in january 2003.

three children, two parents, a happy and communicative family, defined overall square metres of the apartment and three views on three sides of the house were the initial position.

the possibility to rethink the way a family communicates, to economize and densify the use of the entire space of the apartment over twentyfour hours a day and the possibility to experience three views from one apartment lead to the proposal of the familiy loft. the common space in the open position extends along the facades and across the apartment in all directions, because all the sliding elements have room height. then, the maximal possible division of the apartment into 5 rooms is contracted to detached, angular wall elements within one big open space. the space flows in all directions.

the family now has the freedom to communicate the way they want: openly, partly separated or in a traditional way from within normal rooms. the children can grow up in an open social context, where they learn to play together and to communicate with one another. any desired intimacy can be provided anytime by the sliding elements used to enclose a room. once established and locked, they provide up to 47 dB acoustic protection, which is as much as any regular wall. withdrawing is always possible and sometimes necessary, but opening up, sharing space and communicate with each other is the art of living: why not start it in the family?!