dormer apartment



up to three bedrooms, project phase, obtained building permission spring 2003.

the integration of the old attic into the extension of the apartment incorporates four dormers, each of which is interpreted differently according to its orientation and function in the apartment. the differentiated interpretations of the dormers and one structural element constitute the qualities of the new apartment.

two dormers will be renovated to refer to the history of the house - also seen from the urban context - and special locations of the apartment like the entrance and sleeping room to the north. one is transformed into a terrace on the former attic level and a panorama window beneath it to offer a panoramic view of the lake of zurich and the alps. the fourth will be rebuilt where the former dormer was situated, before it was torn down years ago in order to make a far to narrow balcony - enclosed by walls - out of it. the rebuilt dormer will have the same shape as the original one, but will fully consist of glass, transforming this space into a glass cupola location for lunch, open and naturally aired in summer, heated and transparent in winter.

the organizational element of the apartment is the existing fireplace, which will be transformed into a structural element connected to the stairs leading to the terrace. this one sculptural element regulates all the flows, defines the access zone and functions as a divan bed next to the new fire place, where you can lay down and enjoy yourself. two windows in the roof just next to the chimney will visually free the element.