ribaki's bar bistro take away



the materialization of light and the light as the source of virtual depths, islands of light.

to a large extent, the structure of this raw space in the heart of the city already represented the core of the concept. the two existing columns - carrying two metal beams and therefore parts of the whole house - are interpreted by the glass vitrine as the physical representation of light. it is the heart of the bar, the spiritual spark, providing not only light but the whole offer of the take away and the identity of the bistro. the clients are served through the vitrine window. this represents the principle of giving, offering.

in as much as the middle area of the ceiling represents the real and materialized presence of mass, meaning and space, the ceiling areas next to it open the space virtually to an infinite atmospheric sky. they provide the ambient light of the place, changing the color between day and night and creating the virtual depth of space and thoughts to relax during a visit, forget about business and travel in time. this represents the principle of dissolving, releasing.

the technical elements to provide the place's supply are placed in such a way that the wooden bar elements leaning at them form an open bar situation, where the usually dialectic positions of staff and clients change and merge in a new consciousness of sharing a common space. they sometimes stand on the same side of the bar, meet in different angles and communicate in an absent hierarchy of front and back. the wooden elements define radiant groups of islands distributed over the area to span up the spaces potential and to form places where groups of people have the chance the step away from the urban activity for a moment and communicate in this notion of contemplating space. this represents the principle of emergence and communication