fitnessarena - stageconcept - waterlounge

collaboration: guy bebié, ronny ott



new interior construction and design, study commission, second prize and honorable mention.

the parameter were the second and third floor in a new building in zurich west, the cultural heart of the city. the total of the two floors are about 3500 m2 and the building is formed around an inner courtyard where events of all kinds take place. the two floors represent the east wing of the building. with regard to the bottom image this means that the event courtyard is situated on the left side.

the fact that the wellness pool had to be on the third floor - because of technical facilities - and the entrance on the second - because of the interrelation to the overall building scheme - led to a very clear strategy. right from the entrance the visual connection along the whole length of the east wing is established, for the length of 120 m is the one quality of the raw space given.

the concept provides a stage condition for the entrance and the main fitness space. the fitness stage is variable in its use and functions in terms of light and stage set just like the one of a theater. when acoustically needed, it can be completely isolated and darkened to provide an intimate atmosphere for classes such as yoga, etc. the members of the audience are on one side in the bistro placed on the cascades leading to the water lounge - on a visual level - and on the other side on the cardio machines at and nearby the cascades in the fitness part connecting to the upper floor, where one arrives dressed to work out.

sauna and lockerrooms are suspended from the ceiling of the third floor. this volume's surface is treated in a shining and reflecting way to express its programmatical content - water - and support the visual openness of the main public space. the red carpet unifies the cultural standard of the urban context and the surfaces of the existing sports stadiums in the proximity of the site. this multifunctional red surface differs according to the specific uses. it stands for the symbiosis of culture, sport and relaxation to offer to the client the overall spectrum of well being.