k5 2002
collaboration: guy bebié, ronny ott



the courtyard is the generating principle of the artificial, climbing landscape defining the house. Crossing the horizontal pool, which is situated parallel to the height lines, initiates the impulse for the house to be defined by the continued interpretation of the naturally sloping landscape.

the pool with a length of more than 90 feet is situated parallel to the height lines of the landscape, accentuating the transition to the landscape. the water's potential as light source and ambient generating substance fills the house with the atmosphere relating to the far view across the valleys being an imaginary sea.

the municipality's building laws concerning roof shapes above the first floor are understood as transparent volumetric parameter wherein the virtual landscape defines the house's areas, using the restrictions similar to an individual moving around in our society according to his interpretation to the freedom possible in it.

after dinner the inhabitants change to the living room by walking over water respectively on the glass roof of the pool. the notion of flying is interpreted in the kind of connection between the main living areas, their floating edge condition in relation to the view - the living area is on the south edge already on floor above ground -, and the stairs winding up around the courtyard.