collaboration: guy bebié, ronny ott



the elegance of the landscape and the fascination of the view fuse in this proposal. the landscape is echoed by the intelligent - in terms of light control, view, temperature - roof skin, offering a space height of more than 18 feet, whereas the pool projects horizontally towards the skyline of the mountains.

the house unifies mankind's desire to fly with the one to be on firm ground - it offers to swim towards the mountains and in contrast slides along the landscape, almost fuses with its morphology. it is projected imagination as well as contemplation.

the inner structure of the house is terraced, simultaneously defining different areas and one big connected space. the pool emerges under the entrance of the first terrace from the basement level, meets on the second terrace with the same level as one part of the living area, separates on the third terrace different sides from the house and finally floats above the forth terrace, representing by the floating mass the take off of the house towards the horizon and therefore in contrast reinforcing the local and intimate awareness of the terrace itself.