house binczik - tarifa

cyrill weber_damir masek_gus wuestemann



the synergy of a wide open gesture - which embraces the view to africa and protects the owner from the winds - and unique areas in the house is the basis for the development of this project. the open space coexists with intimate patio-like places. they stimulate each other.

the open gesture provides free flow of movement, while atmospherically varied living qualities in four interior courtyards offer to stay. their programs vary between a "public", central living area - which in summer time extends into the outside across a wall that can be opened, the private area of the owner and two guesthouses. they are roof-like covered and articulated and integrated in the appearance of the wide open, earth-like, spanish wall. the adjacent rooms are atmospheric filters, which define each side differently of the main spaces: the stonewall in the back - with kitchen and eroded, cool bathrooms and showers in the summer -, sideways the outer niches in the stone where one sits in summer time to enjoy the shade and the framed view across the landscape or sea, and the green verandah, filled with light and relating to the surrounding nature.