concert hall



the hope for a new period of peace is expressed through the new departure into a democratic present and future. the two concert halls are as much a symbol and function in themselves as they enable the public ascending platform to wind up along them and finally reach the top.

the top is the roof and the new urban ground for the citizens of sarajevo, offering new views to new horizons and hopefully establishing the profound comprehension of freedom now existing and the presence as a new starting point.

the continuous cityscape is accessible at any time to all the people of the city. walking at all the levels of it, the platforms do not only offer to redefine and fathom out people's relation to the urban context but also to investigate the meaning of culture, which - expressed in the two concert hall blocks - is the genuine impulse for the platforms to rise. people find themselves on culture, beside it, under it and finally - as members of the audiences - in it. the idea is to provide the possibility for the people to understand, that culture is in them, that they are the culture, they form it, and they now form the future of sarajevo.